Five friends having the same kind of irreverent conversations about movies, TV, and pop culture that we would normally have at a bar. Instead, we do it sitting around a microphone.

We've got new trailers for PEE-WEE's BIG HOLIDAY and the second season of DAREDEVIL to talk about, along with Kyle and Surly's thoughts on the series finale of GRAVITY FALLS and some more in-depth discussion about FIREWATCH.

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DEADPOOL has arrived, and the guys are weighing in with their opinions of the long-awaited feature film, while Kyle chats with Colossus mo-cap actor Greg LaSalle. Also, reviews of ZOOLANDER 2 and THE WITCH, along with more of Surly's thoughts on FIREWATCH.

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Lots of movies to talk about this week, including SLEIGHT, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES, and HAIL CAESAR, along with first impressions of EDDIE THE EAGLE and DEADPOOL. Also, Surly and Alan weigh in on their latest addiction, THE WITNESS.

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Brent is back from Park City to talk about his first trip to the Sundance Film Festival, while the rest of the guys discuss their thoughts - good and bad - on the long-awaited revival of THE X-FILES.

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