Five friends having the same kind of irreverent conversations about movies, TV, and pop culture that we would normally have at a bar. Instead, we do it sitting around a microphone.

It's a slow week for news, but we've got a SOUTHPAW review from Kyle, thoughts on the trailers for SPECTRE and the second season of FARGO, and rumors about another STAR WARS villain. Join us!

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With San Diego Comic-Con in the rearview, the group is back together with a huge list of topics, including reviews of ANT-MAN and TRAINWRECK, thoughts on the latest round of comic book movie trailers, and interviews with Amy Schumer, Denis Leary, Gene Simmons, Kevin Smith, and RICK AND MORTY creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

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With Brent, Kyle and Alan in San Diego for Comic-Con 2015, Surly and Chris call ins some reinforcements: Nick the Couch Ginger is back! The guys discuss zombie shows, the behind-the-scenes STAR WARS video, and give THE BRINK and BALLERS the three-episode test. 

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in theaters, and the guys are here to tell you whether or not TERMINATOR GENISYS is worth your hard-earned money, or if you should say "hasta la vista" to this reboot. Also, more discussion on BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT, and the latest round of movie trailers.

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Now that a new Spider-Man has been officially cast, the guys discuss their own ideas for rebooting the series - with hilarious results. Also on the docket this week: TRUE DETECTIVE, STAR WARS REBELS, and BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT.

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