Five friends having the same kind of irreverent conversations about movies, TV, and pop culture that we would normally have at a bar. Instead, we do it sitting around a microphone.

Brent offers up reviews of TOMORROWLAND and POLTERGEIST while the guys discuss a few new trailers and the leak of the SUPERGIRL series pilot. Meanwhile, Surly rails against things that are pissing him off... as usual.

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MAD MAX: FURY ROAD is in theaters, and we're spending nearly a full hour reviewing and dissecting the film (spoilers begin at the 43:00 mark). Plus, we talk THE MUPPETS, CRIMSON PEAK and DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW!

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Three's company this week as Kyle, Alan and Surly keep thing moving with discussions about the first looks at SUICIDE SQUAD, the VACATION reboot, and the new series from The Wachowski sibling, SENSE8. The guys also cover the new series pickups from ABC, the upcoming MYST adaptation, and Fox's WAYWARD PINES.

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Summer movie season has officially begun, and the guys are diving deep into spoiler territory for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. Also, thoughts on Josh Trank's STAR WARS ANTHOLOGY exit, and impressions of the new trailer for TED 2.

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