Five friends having the same kind of irreverent conversations about movies, TV, and pop culture that we would normally have at a bar. Instead, we do it sitting around a microphone.

The guys recap the good and bad of this year's Phoenix Comicon, discuss the feedback from Microsoft's Xbox One press conference, and spend way too much time arguing over STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.

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The guys take a look at new TV offerings from Fox and NBC, Kyle boldly goes into darkness with STAR TREK, and director Jordan Vogt Roberts chats about his new film, THE KINGS OF SUMMER.

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The guys bemoan the fate of "Jurassic Park 4" and discuss Marvel's financial woes, while Kyle chats with the legendary Neil Gaimain about "Doctor Who" and everyone debates whether or not Hollywood should stay away from Kickstarter.

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The guys talk about the resurgence of retro gaming and ponder what Microsoft may have up its sleeve for their next-gen reveal. The latest crop of summer blockbuster trailers are discussed, and the guys wander deep into spoiler territory with their review and analysis of "Iron Man 3."

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