Five friends having the same kind of irreverent conversations about movies, TV, and pop culture that we would normally have at a bar. Instead, we do it sitting around a microphone.

With the guys back together this week, Chris reviews HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 and talks about his experiences with DRAGON AGE: INQUISITION, Brent offers up his thoughts on FOXCATCHER and AMERICAN SNIPER, and the guys discuss the troubling trend of video game developers releasing games that don't work correctly.

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Three's company this week as Kyle, Alan and Surly hold down the fort. The guys discuss the SUICIDE SQUAD casting rumors, the just-announced EVIL DEAD TV series, and the upcoming PlayStation Vue service. Also, Kyle's got reviews of THEORY OF EVERYTHING and DUMB AND DUMBER TO (with a little help from Surly).

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Brent is getting married, and Bart is back in town for the celebration! The guys talk Christopher Nolan's ambitious, but flawed, INTERSTELLAR, as well as the first look at Neill Blomkamp's CHAPPIE and Mark Wahlberg's upcoming turn as THE SIX BILLION DOLLAR MAN.

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With Kyle out this week, the guys talk up Marvel's huge Phase 3 announcement and the surprisingly bad first look at TERMINATOR: GENISYS, while Brent quickly reviews NIGHTCRAWLER.

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