Five friends having the same kind of irreverent conversations about movies, TV, and pop culture that we would normally have at a bar. Instead, we do it sitting around a microphone.

After a bit of a hiatus we’re back and telling you about all the things we’ve been watching! Plus some fascinating discoveries about these united states of ours.

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The gripping tale of our first sponsored beverage comes to an end! The gang gives a TV roundup on KIDDING, IRON FIST, WHO IS AMERICA, and PREACHER. Plus everyone’s impression of SPIDER-MAN out on PS4.

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The gang talks about Disenchantment, voicemails, the ongoing saga of our first sponsored drink, and four other reviews!

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Surly reviews THE BLACKKKLANSMAN, Chris tells us about his MADDEN 19 project, and the gang receives a challenge from our listeners.

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It's a review-heavy week as Surly tackles A24's EIGHTH GRADE, Chris goes full throttle with MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: FALLOUT, and Kyle checks out the latest from Matt Groening, DISENCHANTMENT. 

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Kyle recaps his adventures at San Diego Comic Con and reviews THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN animated film, while Surly weighs in on Sundance hit BLINDSPOTTING. 

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This week, the gang pores over the huge collection of trailers from San Diego Comic-Con, while Surly explores Netflix series DARK TOURIST, from the director of TICKLED. 

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In this week's show, the gang reviews Boots Riley's wild debut feature SORRY TO BOTHER YOU, and also checks out the new season of GLOW and the premiere episode of Sacha Baron Cohen's WHO IS AMERICA?

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Much to the dismay of Surly, it's a Marvel-heavy week as the gang checks out ANT-MAN AND THE WASP and the new season of LUKE CAGE, while Kyle also weighs in with thoughts on the new Stephen King series CASTLE ROCK.

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The guys return to Isla Nublar for a lengthy discussion on JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM, as well as reviewing the season premiere of PREACHER.

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With most of the guys out of commission this week, Nick the Couch Ginger returns as Surly reviews the new season of LEGION and Chris succumbs to his dinosaur addiction with JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION. 

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This week the guys dig through the major announcements from E3, including the Sony press conference, while checking out a huge collection of new movie trailers. Also, Kyle reviews the long awaited Pixar sequel, INCREDIBLES 2. 

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This week, the guys are heading to Corellia with a review of SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY. Also, Kyle weighs in on Marvel's CLOAK AND DAGGER and Surly talks DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN.

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This week, the guys weigh in on the Merc With the Mouth's return in DEADPOOL 2, while Kyle gets an early look at the new season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and journeys to a galaxy far, far away with his review of SOLO. 

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This week, the guys are waxing on and waxing off with a review of the YouTube Red series COBRA KAI, while Chris weighs in on the first season of AP BIO and Kyle bids farewell to ASH VS EVIL DEAD.

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For the first time in months, the entire group is back together again, with Brent popping into the show to join the rest of the guys in reviewing the biggest film of all time, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.

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It's been a long three weeks, but the guys are finally back together, with details on their respective adventures and a review of SUPER TROOPERS 2.

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Three's company this week as Alan, Kyle and Surly discuss READY PLAYER ONE, THE TERROR and the surprisingly competent reboot of LOST IN SPACE. 

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After taking a week off, the guys are back to talk about TOMB RAIDER and PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING. 

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In this episode, the guys are taking a deep dive into the new season of JESSICA JONES and discussing the insane trailer for Boots Riley's Sundance smash, SORRY TO BOTHER YOU. 

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This week, the gang talks about the 2018 Oscars and the return of Donald Glover's ATLANTA. Also, Surly reviews ANNIHILATION and Kyle weighs in on Season 2 of JESSICA JONES. 

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It's three men and a lady this week (and by lady, we mean Margot the cat), as Surly, Alan and Chris talk about MUTE, THE TICK and THE DEATH OF STALIN. 

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There's a podcast baby on the way - but in the meantime, Surly and the rest of the guys are talking THE TICK, ASH vs THE EVIL DEAD, and taking a trip to Wakanda with a review of BLACK PANTHER. 

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This week, the guys are reviewing the movie trailers that debuted during this year's Super Bowl, and taking a double-dose of Netflix with ALTERED CARBON and THE CLOVERFIELD PARADOX. 

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Brent is back to talk about the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, and Kyle weighs in on the newest sci-fi series from Netflix, ALTERED CARBON.

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After the holiday hiatus, the guys reconvene for a three-man (and one-woman) show to discuss the 2017 entertainment they've been catching up on, and chat about the newly released biopic I, TONYA.

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2017 has come and gone, and the guys are running down their favorite video games, movies and television shows of the year. 

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